musebook score for iPhone is

an interactive sheet music app

that you can listen to what you see.

(that you can learn how to play the music)

musebook score
  • shows sheet music (that you can look at)
  • plays mp3 music (that you can listen to)
  • highlights current notes when plays (that you can learn how to play)
  • turns pages automatically
  • AND every notes on the sheet music are fully synchronized to the combined mp3 music! (patents registered)

musebook score is great to
  • learn how to read music scores
  • learn how to play the music in detail
  • learn when/how to change dynamics
  • learn when to use a pedal
  • learn which fingers are used

musebook score is very unique because it shows everything that you need to know how to play the music!

Just look at every directions on the staves & listen to the synchronized mp3 performance. That's all you need!


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